2019-2020 Officers

President,Dale Barnhill (641) 621-1420

Vice President,Dick Pawlowski (515) 201-8647

Secretary,Donna Adams (515)306-7198

Newsletter, Roger Cox (641)623-3000

Treasurer, Reg Anderson (641) 231-1166

Past President Bill Sheeder (641) 757-0152

2020 camping schedule

2014 bylaws

WWTG 2019 Membership Brochure
Your officers for 2019 are excited for the upcoming year and welcome all who have been wandering, back to Iowa.
We look forward to catching up with each and every one of you, whether you braved the Iowa winter or spent time
in warmer climates.  As we approach the 2019 camping season, we want to express our appreciation to all We-Wan-
To-Go members for their past, present and future contributions to our strong chapter, in keeping our purpose to
promote fellowship, friendship, and fun.
We also want to reinforce to each Wagon Master that it’s okay to use the KISS Principle of “Keep it Super Simple”
as you plan for our outings. In trying to keep our meeting agendas as streamlined and inclusive as possible, we will
be sending out an email prior to our meetings in April, June, August and October, asking you for any new business
items that you want to have included.

Please feel free to contact any of us with any concerns or questions.

Until then, happy & safe travels,

Dale, Dick, Donna, Reggie, Bill
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