This is intended to be the SPRING 2019 IOWA WINNIE HAWK NEWSLETTER

I want to encourage all who are attending the Spring Campout to read the TRAIN RIDE information…it will answer
most of your questions!  ALSO, we can add you to our group as long as we know by May 2…Please let Virginia
and Shari know by then if you want to join us.

Beyond Spring Campout…The officers want to encourage you to look around home…what is manufactured near
where you live….Please contact those places if it is something that would be appropriate to include in the Iowa
Baskets which will be used again as Door Prizes at the State Rally and GNR.  We would be putting the baskets
together pre-State Rally, so please let us know what we might be expecting…2 that immediately come to my mind
are Western Dressing (made in Grundy Center) and Cookies BBQ Sauces…I know there are
many…Popcorn…Soaps…Barilla Pasta...Tone's spices...Anything that will fit in the baskets… PLEASE HELP US

The upcoming things you need to be aware of are: State Rally is again in Amana, although a different building
than last year, July 11-14, GNR is July 22-27 in Forest City of course, and Fall Campout is September19-22 in
Titonka.  I encourage you make your plans and get your registrations in soon as it aids in planning.  All forms
are available on the Winnie Hawks Website.  Remember your registrations now include Thursday night's

******************SPRING CAMPOUT AND TRAIN RIDE INFORMATION**************

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in Boone and riding the dinner train.

The plan is to start registration and opening ceremonies on Thursday afternoon, with the potluck dinner on
Thursday evening, followed by games/social time/campfire.

Friday morning will be a tour of Kreg Tool in Huxley. Lunch will be on your own, however, we will be driving right
past Whatcha Smokin? BBQ & Brew in Luther on the way back to Boone so it would be a possible lunch spot for
anyone interested.

In the afternoon we will head to the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad to spend a little time at the museum
before the train ride. The train will board at 5:00. [Note: anyone wishing to bring a bottle of wine – see the Q/A
below – will need to make their own arrangements ahead of time with BSVRR]

Business meetings are currently scheduled for Saturday morning, pending any last-minute schedule changes. In
the afternoon, WIT reps Val and Butch Peters will provide a Winnebago Outdoor Adventures presentation along
with Winnebago/WIT updates and news.

A movie [A Walk in the Woods] and popcorn is planned for Saturday evening.

Sunday morning will be continental breakfast, Worship service, cleanup, and goodbyes.

A few Q/As regarding the dinner train.

Gratuity? A gratuity has not been included in the cost. The difference in cost between a regular train ride and
the dinner train is $40 per person. You may tip according to your personal standard.

Is there a strict dress code? We request a “Nice Casual” attire, such as Dockers and a nice shirt or sweater for
the men and slacks and top or casual dress for the ladies. This is your evening to relax and enjoy yourself, but it
should also be special.

May I bring wine? Although the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad & Museum and our caterer are not licensed to
sell liquor on the train, each couple may bring one bottle of wine to enjoy with their meal. A corking fee of $5.00
per bottle will be applied to your order.This is a requirement of our insurance company. Corking fees need to be
paid prior to the date of your ride. Please “check” your wine at the ticket window upon arrival at the depot. Other
alcoholic beverages will not be permitted. Our own “Scenic Valley Red” and “Whistle White” are available from
our gift shop. For more information, call 1-800-626-0319.

What if inclement weather is predicted on the day of my trip? Our trains operate rain or shine. The decision to
run is based on actual weather conditions at the railroad. If the train runs, no refunds or adjustments are made.
If a train is cancelled, a gift card will be issued – no cash refunds.

Are the cars heated and air conditioned? Yes, the cars are climate controlled.

Are restrooms available? Yes, restrooms are available on the train.

Will we cross the Kate Shelley High Bridge? The Kate Shelley High Bridge is located on the Union Pacific
Railroad’s mainline across Iowa, which is unrelated to our line. However, we do cross the 156′ tall Bass Point
Creek High Bridge, which is the highest single-track interurban railroad bridge in the United States.